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Southwest Economic Conference

In 1996, a partnership between Southwest CDC, Woodland Avenue Presbyterian Church, Fresh Start CDC, and Wayne Presbyterian Church formed and facilitated the development of a comprehensive economic study of Southwest Philadelphia. Over the years, the partnership expanded to what is now known as the Southwest Economic Conference.

The conference receives tremendous support and participation from a number of elected officials including Council President Anna C. Verna, Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, State Representative Ronald Waters, State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams, and Congressman Robert Brady. Representatives from the Philadelphia Department of Commerce and Philadelphia Commercial Development Corporation have also been instrumental in pursuing the Conference's vision to revive the economy of Southwest Philadelphia.

The Southwest Economic Development Strategy

The Southwest Economic Development Strategy, developed for Southwest Economic Conference by Urban Partners, identifies 10 initiatives that are needed to improve the economic health of the area. Click the links below to learn more.

Woodland Avenue Revitalization Project (WARP)

WARP was created to improve the appearance of the avenue, the quality of goods sold, and to reduce the perception of crime with the goal of increasing the number of consumers. The Development Strategy for the Woodland Avenue Revitalization Project details 33 tasks designed to accomplish that goal. It also includes exciting renderings of what the Avenue can be with a few key improvements.  Click here to visit the Woodland Avenue website.

 Development Strategy Brochure (PDF format)


Southwest Initiative for Transformation (SWIFT)

SWIFT will become a redevelopment arm of the Economic Conference that will assemble properties. SWIFT will present these assembled parcels to developers interested in creating housing, recreational, retail, and commercial opportunities that are needed in the area.

 Southwest Initiative For Transformation (SWIFT)(PDF format)


Southwest Business and Employment Expansion

With the goal of increasing the number of private sector jobs, the Economic Conference created the Southwest Business Partnership. At breakfast meetings held on the first Friday of each month, representatives from area commercial and industrial businesses network and collaborate to improve conditions for operating businesses in Southwest Philadelphia. For more information about the Southwest Business Partnership Breakfasts contact Seth Dorrell, Director of Economic Development for Southwest CDC at (215) 729-0180

 Southwest Business & Employment Expansion (PDF format)


Chester Avenue Revitalization Project (CARP)

The Economic Conference will facilitate improvements to Chester Avenue by a partnership with corridor stakeholders and Chester Avenue residents to create a CARP development strategy.

 Chester Avenue Revitalization Project (CARP) products. (PDF format)


Auto-Related Business

This initiative is designed to improve the appearance and location of auto-related businesses. Actions include reviewing and enforcing zoning codes, establishing screening and signage guidelines, designating and implementing auto-related business zones and developing a financial assistance program to help businesses meet new standards.

 Auto-Related Business Initiative (PDF format)


Marketing of Southwest

An effective marketing campaign will retain existing businesses while attracting new businesses, residents, and visitors to the neighborhood. Southwest will be marketed through targeted efforts that include promoting historic and cultural assets.

 Southwest Philadelphia Marketing (PDF format)


Key Site Development

The Economic Conference will serve as a community advocate deterring undesirable development by communicating with property owners and developers, attracting investors to Southwest, and encouraging broader participation in addressing vacant land issues.

 Key Site Development Approval (PDF format)


Gateways into Southwest

Enhancing and maintaining gateways to and from Southwest will give definition to the neighborhood. Specific activities include sponsoring a gateway design competition, installing "coming events" boards and forming local committees for long-term maintenance.

 Southwest Philadelphia Gateways (PDF format)


Waste and Recycling Business Zoning

The Economic Conference will address the increasing presence of waste and recycling businesses by reviewing and enforcing zoning ordinances, and establishing screening and signage guidelines.

 Waste & Recycling Business Zoning (PDF format)


Public Transit Access to the Airport and Other Employment Concentrations

The Economic Conference will encourage public access improvements including the addition and extension of public transit routes to increase linkages and frequency of service. Specific actions include lobbying for an Eastwick Transportation Center and encouraging additional shuttle service routes.

 Public Transit Access to the Airport Area and Other Employment Concentrations (PDF format)




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