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  • Summer 1986 - Southwest CDC was organized as a branch of Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services.

  • August 1987 - Became incorporated and began providing energy assistance and weatherization programs to the community.

  • February 1993 - Became an OHCD sponsored Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) to act as a liaison between the city and community residents.

  • July 1996 - Established the Southwest Small Business Assistance Center to provide technical assistance to existing and start up businesses.

  • December 1996 - Began its Mortgage Counseling Program to help prepare first time homeowners for the mortgage application process.

  • July 1997 - Became a Neighborhood Energy Center sponsored by the Energy Coordinating Agency, and added water conservation services.

  • October 1997 - Became a REACH Homeless Prevention Program site sponsored by the Energy Coordinating Agency.

  • March 1998 - Hired a Director of Community and Economic Development to manage the Neighborhood Advisory Committee, Southwest Small Business Assistance Center and other economic development activities.

  • July 1998 - Expanded mortgage counseling into a full housing counseling agency sponsored by the Office of Housing and Community Development.

  • August 1998 - Began the Woodland Avenue Revitalization Project to increase the number of shoppers by addressing appearance, quality of goods sold and the perception of crime.

  • November 1998 - Began working on a contract with the Philadelphia Housing Authority to assist tenants in moving out of public housing into Section 8 certified housing.

  • March 1999 - Cofounder of the Southwest Economic Conference, a group that would create a planning study and recommend 10 initiatives to improve the economy in Southwest Philadelphia.

  • March 1999 - Established the Welfare Counseling Program to address the needs of community residents during the welfare reform transitions, sponsored by The William Penn Foundation.

  • July 1999 - Created the New Start Family Resource Center and began offering summer camp and after school programs, parenting classes and drug and alcohol prevention guidance.

  • November 2000 - Hired consultants Urban Partners to begin research and data collection for the Woodland Avenue Revitalization Project and Southwest Economic Conference.

  • August 2001 - Hired the first Employment Counselor to assist residents with job readiness, placement, and retention programs.

  • September 2001 - Moved the offices into a newly renovated, completely accessible building at 6328 Paschall Avenue.

  • September 2002 - Completed the strategic plan for the Woodland Avenue Revitalization Project.

  • November 2002 - Establish the Southwest Business Partnership to bring non-retail businesses together to network and share like interests.

  • December 2002 - Completed the Southwest Economic Development Strategy.
  • February 2003 - Established the Southwest Initiative for Transformation to redevelop the large, vacant and derelict properties in Southwest.
  • March 2003 - Established a partnership with Patterson Elementary School to create the 21st Century Community Learning Center to expand after school activities.
  • July 2005 - Took over operations of the Southwest Globe Times community newspaper.  It focuses on the positive local community news.
  • August 2006 - Established the Woodland Avenue Cleaning project focused on maintaining the public space between 58th and 68th Streets on the Woodland Avenue commercial corridor. 
  • Spring 2007 - Southwest CDC was selected to work with Rutgers University's Brownfield Redevelopment Center focused on training CDC's how to deal with brownfield redevelopment. 
  • August 2008 - Purchased our current building located at 6328 Paschall Avenue.
  • May 2012 - Became a CDC Tax Credit Partner with Colonial Electric to receive $85,000 per year for 10 years for economic development programs. In 2013, ACE Group also became a Partner.  The two companies split the annual contribution.


  • May 2015 - Acquired a vacant house on South Millick Street through a donation from Wells Fargo. The house will be rehabbed and sold to a first time homebuyer.

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